why bperformance?

Despite my dieting, I just can't lose weight
No single diet is right for everyone as we have a unique chemistry and microbiome.  Our coaching looks at individuals and creates unique nutritional plans specifically for you and your body type.
I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep
Sleep is key to brain function, recovery, and energy.  Our unique programme aims to get your sleep back on track so that you have deep rejuvenating restful sleep to face the next day's challenges.
I suffer from stress and it feels unmanageable
Our hectic work-life balance creates havoc on the quality of our life.  Our coaching provides you with a unique set of tools to deal with stress to help you to build resilience.
I want to be stronger and have more muscle
As we upgrade your gut function and nutrient absorption by creating a unique training plan to fit in with your lifestyle, enhanced physical strength, and body composition becomes a by-product.
I constantly have low energy
To perform well you need to have consistent energy.  At bperformance we look to maximise your energy through nutritional, supplementation and enviromental changes.
I can't focus during the day
Your brain uses more energy than any other tissue in your body, so in order to banish brain fog, you need to eat the correct, unique combination of foods that optimise your body’s energy production and enhance your focus
I worry about my future health
Most chronic diseases have been associated with poor gut health.  By optimising your microbiome we will Bulletproof your body for the future.
I am sick of getting poorly all the time
Gut health is key for a good immune system. Using our cutting-edge lab testing and deep dive coaching, and you can kiss your sick days goodbye.

Upgrade your body and mind - be at the top

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Coaching process and how holistically looking at all areas of coaching increases performance


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At bperformance we only recommend the
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One of my goals this year was to give my health some much needed focus.  I liked the fact that Mark had a background in IT and thought he could be a great fit for me. After our initial introduction meeting, I was convinced. Mark's passion for improving health and wellbeing really shone through. This, added with lots of positivity and smiles, we began our journey. Mark's impact on my life has been amazing. Tailoring my diet, sleep, daily habits and exercise using actual data from testing has allowed Mark to quickly hone in on what I needed to change. Regular communication and support throughout the programme made a huge difference and helped me stay on track. Mark has now given me all the knowledge I need to support myself in the long term. I highly recommend Mark and his services to anyone wishing to improve their health and wellbeing.
A.Davies - CEO Flyform
Stress has been a problem for me for years.  I woke up in the middle of the night, I had sleepless nights and I felt rubbish on a daily basis.  After just 2 weeks of working with Mark I managed to sleep throughout the night and feel normal for a change! Mark is an expert in what he does and makes coaching fun and intresting.  I have tried PT's before, but this whole experience has changed my life.
Kevin Peters - Programme Manager 
I contacted Mark via Linkedin as I read one of his blogs and that was the starting point.  I had never heard of lab testing and was intrigued to learn more.  After getting my results I found out that I had issues digesting protein and had low hormone levels.  This was a real eye opener as I would have never thought it was my hormones.  I am still on my journey, but after 4 months I can say that I have much more energy and finally have the stamina to keep up with my kids! Thank you Mark
A. Nevitte - Project Manager
Sun Solutions


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